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Lemma Pharmaceuticals is developing liposomal nanospheres encapsulating previously inaccessible highly potent anti-cancer compounds, using a proprietary method to increase loading efficiency greater than 3 times. Our lead program is Lipostaur™, a liposomal formulation of staurosporine (STS), a broad spectrum kinase inhibitor that is extremely potent against multiple cancer cell lines, including drug resistant cells. Lipostaur™ has demonstrated for the first time preliminary safety and efficacy of STS as the active agent in vivo in a subcutaneous mouse model of U87 brain cancer cells (against which STS is 10x more potent than paclitaxel, 1,000x more potent than doxorubicin, and 50,000x more potent than temozolomide)

Results confirmed in an orthotopic mouse model of patient-derived glioblastoma, with striking survival extension, particularly with the liposomal formulation plus an active targeting moiety. Treated animals showed no weight loss, change in blood chemistry or liver function tests, or other signs of toxicity, at clinically relevant dosing. Given STS’s broad spectrum potency against various cancer cell lines, Lipostaur™ expected to be applicable against a number of cancers. Proprietary loading platform enables additional potent anti-cancer compounds being developed into therapeutics through liposomal encapsulation.

Lemma Pharmaceutical is a spin-out of University of California San Diego.

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